Business Mental Coaching


What is Mental Coaching?

First, mental coaching is designed to make people the best version of themselves, upgrade their lives and allow them to live their life fulfilled.

What does it mean to be the best version of ourselves?

Every time in life there are unexpected surprises. Some are pleasant and some less so.

Each of them influences our way of thinking, emotions, beliefs and our whole life composition differently.


The goal of the mental coaching is to enable new ways of acting and thinking that will serve the trainee and enable him to overcome, move and strengthen himself even in difficult times and to empower the excitement, love, joy, professionalism, confident, peace and give himself the life he deserves.

And what is mental training for business?

Designed to strengthen the team of managers / employees and make them the best version of themselves personally and professionally.


Once the team becomes the best version of itself, it affect the business and creates high energy, and being prepared for taking actions, makes them know how to produce high energy and achieve maximum results for the business. More than that, once we are mentally trained we return home feeling powerful and empowered and thus make the lives around us much more energetic and happy and by knowing that your employees are happy The business you own are happy with them and are advancing with more power and speed.

What content is transmitted during the coaching?

  1. How to produce high energy?

  2. How to produce human chemistry?

  3. How to work as a team?

  4. How to adapt to changes?

  5. How to release fears?

  6. Release of emotional barriers!

  7. Increase creativity!

  8. leadership!

  9. achieving goals!

  10. Brain orientation to produce results!

How does Yuval conducts the coaching?

The coaching workshops is delivered to large and small groups in an experiential, powerful way, professionally, formulating team collaboration and humor that makes you laugh.

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