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Personal Guidance Sessions


An opportunity to sit with Yuval Teren for sessions that will spill light over darkness. Clear your mind&soul and go back on your path, focused, stronger and happier. It is an amazing opportunity to sit one on one with the man who knows all about you from just a handshake.


Every person has a lot going on inside, consciously and subconsciously. You will have an opportunity to dive into your mind&soul, discover the inner barriers that create confusion or dissatisfaction in your life, spill light on them and clear your mind&soul so you can uncover the best decisions for yourself.

Personal Experiences

"He is a very special coach...

helped me a lot to make big decisions that I had been procrastinating...

I needed a guiding light like his. Thank you."

‏‎CEO of Billboard Venezuela‎‏ -

Leonardo Uzcátegui

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