Program Your Mind To Success 

Interactive Lecture


About the lecture

The event "Program Your Mind To Success" is an interactive event that engages the audience. As we all know, the best way to learn and remember is through experience and so during the event, Yuval will make sure to engage and move the audience in experiential and educational ways that will detach you from the experiences of the week and introduce you into a fascinating, experiential and enriching world.


What do you expect?

-Find out how to program your mind for boundary breaking and success.

-Find out how to program the brain to produce more motivation & energy.

- Discover the 5 essential steps to success.

-Find out how to attract more abundance to your life.

-Find out how to release negative emotions.

-Find out how to release fears and break boundaries.

-Find out how to direct your life to excellence.

- Discover the secret of happiness.

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