Compass = Instrument used for navigation and finding the north direction.


The use of the compass = Navigators could steer their travels in the desired direction and guide them in space.

The word compass can be derived from several words:

Cipher = Sign / letter / language that signifies message or disguised information.


North = Is one of the four winds and is opposite to the south. Western culture is considered it the main direction and is used to define the other directions.

The human cipher is divided into two parts:


A message:

The actions a person needs to take to reach his north (purpose).

Disguised Information:

System settings: The mental and behavioral patterns that the person is not aware of and define how they will perform and act.


The human compass knows how to anticipate, understand, and reshape the human cipher, thus making him the best version of itself and directing him toward his purpose.

The north of the person = The direction that the person is destined to walk towards and drawn to it unconsciously or consciously (purpose).

I will introduce you to your north =(purpose) through which you will navigate in any way in your life and I will coach and prepare you to know exactly what your path is and how to act and thus I will make you become the best version of yourself.


I will help you plan and focused yourself and your life:

Forward to the north: The direction you need to go.


Back to the South: We will understand which way you were walking, who you are, what are your skills and abilities that you are aware of and may have forgotten.


Sideways to the West and the East: I'll look into the inner you and identify the skills and abilities that you have and aren't aware of.

Thus discovering your cipher that will allow you to reach the north efficiently and quickly.

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