Who is the training suitable for?

If you are tired of being:

- unconfident 

- shy

- quite 

- having hard time to say "no"

- having hard time to create connections with people

- having hard time to create a conversation

And if you are willing to be:

- Confident 

- Influential 

- Stand for your own

- Easily Create relationships

- Conversation Maker

What is Personal Coaching with Yuval Teren?

The coaching process helps people become confident, influencing, dominant, create connections easily and with the ability to lead their life.

What does it mean to lead our life?

Every time in life there are unexpected surprises. Some are pleasant and some less so.

Each of them influences our way of thinking, emotions, beliefs and our whole life composition differently.


The goal of the coaching is to enable new ways to think and to take action that will enable you to overcome, move and strengthen yourself even in difficult times and to empower the excitement, love, joy, professionalism, confident, peace and give you the life you deserve.

Where does the coaching take place?

There are two options for you to get coached:

The first one is coaching sessions that takes place in my private clinic.

The second one is to get coached by live video\phone.

What is the H.M.A Model?

Model that based on three factors that connects and influences our life's.

the first one is happiness the second is mind and the third is action. Between those three factors there is synergy that creates a powerful change in our life. In the coaching sessions Yuval will guide you between those three factors to create a deep, quick and powerful change.


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