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Personal  Guidance Sessions

What is Coaching?

First, coaching is designed to help people become the best version of themselves, upgrade their lives and allow them to live their life fulfilled.

What does it mean to be the best version of ourselves?

Every time in life there are unexpected surprises. Some are pleasant and some less and each of them influences our way of thinking, emotions, beliefs and our whole life differently.


The goal of the coaching is to enable new ways of taking actions and mindsets that will serve you and enable you to overcome, move and strengthen yourself even in difficult times and to empower the excitement, love, joy, professionalism, confident, peace and give you the quality of life you deserve.

Spill Light Over Darkness 

What is Yuval Teren's coaching focused on?

Yuval's coaching designed to improve interpersonal skills and influence.

During the coaching he will use his set of skills to analyze and find the internal blocks and fears that you are unaware of and will help you release them.

Yuval will share with you strategies, tools and insights that will take you, your interpersonal skills and your life quality to the next level.

What content will you learn during the sessions?

* Yuval adapts and design the coaching sessions especially to your needs and goals and there will be different and personal processes that will be adjust to you.

Here is the main subjects that you will learn and get coached in:

  1. How to produce high energy.

  2. How to connect with anyone.

  3. How to analyze people.

  4. How to adapt to changes.

  5. How to release fears.

  6. How analyze your system.

  7. How to release emotional barriers.

  8. How to Increase creativity.

  9. Leadership communication.

  10. Achieving goals.

How does Yuval conducts the coaching?

Yuval coach people from all around the globe via zoom & phone which allows them to easily get coached even in a busy schedule.

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" ... I have to thank you personally! Thank you for being able to restore my self-confidence and rediscover myself ...  ״

Hadassa .M

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