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The secret of high energy and motivation

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Zig Ziegler said "People say motivation doesn't last long. Well, no shower either, so we recommend it on a daily basis".

energy and motivation
energy and motivation

During our life we experience ups and downs in the level of energy and motivation for taking actions. Some of the ups and downs are more moderate with a tendency to rise and control the energy level is greater and in some they are steeper with a tendency usually down.

What sets people apart? The habits they adopt. Some people become accustomed to the habit of creating permanent energy through movement, sports, nutrition, music, smile, hobbies or anything else that creates energy and motivation in humans and some people have adopted habits of energy reduction such as a lack of healthy foods, a lack of sports, a lack of self-investment. Lack of a smile in the morning.

Many times people think that motivation is something that is inherent in a person or something that is permanent. Motivation is embedded in a person who chooses to assimilate it by creating unusual habits for strengthening the mind, body and soul. Research shows that how we choose to wake up in the morning and how we choose to sleep at night affects everything that between them.

So what does it mean to choose? How to start taking the first step in creating unusual habits?

Smile, mantra, movement (I'll explain more).

For some of you it will sound odd and some of you very netural, the reason it will sound like that is because it is a habit that needs to be produced and instilled in order to become energy and motivation producers and once we adopt wonderful habits we will live a wonderful life every day in our lives. Agree with me that you and everyone have the right to live a wonderful life, extraordinary and full of motivation and joy. don't you think so?

So how do you start the morning and how do you go to sleep at night to start being energy and motivation producers already?

Morning: 1. Get out of bed before the brain starts to find reasons for spending more time in bed.

2. Smile a big smile and say "Today is the best day of my life". When we specifically focus our minds on a certain thought and feeling at the beginning of the day, this is what we will experience and see from our surroundings.

3. Moving Your Body, Not necessarily Doing Exercise (Although it's a great way) It can be a simpler thing like jumping in place at least 30 times and waking your body, muscles and brain.

night: Before bedtime ask: What are the good things that happened to me today?

This is how you teach your brain to focus on success and being your inner coacher and of course going to sleep with a wonderful feeling that affects our morning.

These habits in the morning and at night before bed are already making incredible changes in people's lives and I know they will do the same for you. While this is only a taste but from here you can continue to upgrade your morning routine in many different ways and I know you will already find your way, because you are the person who knows the best what are the ways to motivate yourself and create an extraordinary life for yourself.

I wish you a wonderful morning, full of energy and high motivation

If you have any further questions about how to create a special routine for a special life, feel free to send a private message and those who interested in knowing the next step and picking up the pace.

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