• Yuval Teren

Turn fear into an advantage

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

What's your biggest fear? As human beings one of the sensations we experience many times is the feeling of fear. Most people think that fear is a bad thing and it is right and wrong.


What are the feelings of fear you are experiencing?
What are the feelings of fear you are experiencing?

There are many times in our lives that we take action from being afraid and also many times that we are frezzing because of fear.

What distinguishes these times? 1. Intentional questions that motivate the story. 2. Direction of fear.

What it means? Take for example: A A. has a dream to start a business, but he is very scared of it. He afraids that if he will open a business then he might fail and if he failes it means he is a failure and then his family and friends will know it and they will tell him we told you can't succeed and he knows he will wake up tomorrow morning to another day routine where he refuses to fulfill his dream (aiming for the fear that will be a barrier in front of him)

Now take B. B. has a dream to start a business, he is very scared, he knows that if he doesn't do this he will not be able to help all the people he wants to give them amazing service and solve some difficulties for them and he also knows that if he doesn't open, all of his friends and family will tell him We told you, so B knows that tomorrow he wakes up in the morning and has to start his business and make his dream come true.

I know that you have already noticed some of the differences between A and B which are the differences between fulfilling dreams and to live a passionate and fulfilling life and giving up all of your dreams and to live a passionless and self-giving life.

If we dive a little deeper into our subconscious, we may notice that A's story answers the questions:

"Why should I be afraid to start a business?

What can happen badly if I open up?

'Questions that give him all the possible reasons why he should freeze and not open a business.

On the other hand, we notice that B answers the questions: "Why do I have to be afraid of not fulfilling my dream?" What bad things can happend from not opening a business?

"+" Why do I have to fulfill my dream?

"Questions that requires actions and moving forward towards fulfillment.

I know that you are people who understand quickly and so you have already realized that if we want to manage our fear and motivate ourselves, we must ask ourselves questions that will guide us forward and allow fear to move us forward, because fear is always there but what changes is how we use it.

Most people choose the path of A, because it is the human brain's automat to do less work, if they do not fulfill their dream then they do less and that is why fear stops them, and there are people like you who know that they always want to develop and grow, so they will always direct the fear to drive them forward and keep them awake. * Remember that we don't want to eliminate fear because it keeps us alert and safe.

So what to do today to change the direction of fear? 1. Ask ourselves: -Why should I be afraid of not achiving my dream? - What I would neve have in my life if I dont achive it and miss it? - Why do I have to fulfill it now? And what my future will look like thanks to that.

2. Remember that fear is here to protect us, not to block us. Put it next to you and not in front of you and always move forward while being alert.

I wish you a wonderful and energetic day and remember that today is your day. Good luck 💪🏼

If you have any further questions on how to make fear an advantage, you are welcome to send a private message or leave a here comments, and those who are willing to take the next step and want to free themselves of fears that blocks them, move forward powerfully and become their best version,

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