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Why should we forgive and ask for forgiveness?

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Over the years people have always said that forgiveness frees our souls and increases love.

What is the reason that forgiveness frees the soul?

Forgiveness frees the mind
Forgiveness frees the mind

As long as we do not forgive, it means that we spend most of our time angering another person who may or may not even know that we are angry.

And who expireance the anger ?? Only the angry person ...

Because he is the only person to experience the emotion! He has to get up with it in the morning and go to bed with it at night and every day that he does not release it and makes the feeling of anger become a repetitive and growing loop ...

and you can already imagine and understand how it affects the conduct of daily life. It means that just because the person has decided not to forgive and to hold the emotion of anger; he has decided to get up in the morning for lack of energy and when we are energyless we do less and our ability to give our relatives and loved ones shrinks. It rolls into career, relationship, family, and any other area that relates to his life. But if the decision he made is to forgive / ask for forgiveness and release the bad emotions, the abundance in the world and love will fill his soul.

So all we have to do is just ... forgive / ask for forgiveness ... and let love fill us and as soon as love fills us, it immediately radiates to our environment and fills it too.

As Buddha said.

"The heart is like a garden. You can grow compassion or loathing, animosity or love. What flowers do you choose to grow in?" So I'm curious to know what flowers you choose to grow in your heart garden to get up every morning with a smile, love, and energy for taking actions.

May you be signed and sealed in the book of life. Wish you plenty of happiness, love and success.

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