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Bending Reality

The Show - Live experience

Hold tight as Yuval Teren will blow your mind with his mind reading show where he demonstrates mind reading phenomenon, human analysis skills, combined with magical deceptions, hypnosis and humor.

Yuval's special set of skills have made him become executives coach and the first and only "IDF's Mind Reader".

He Born into a family of magicians and started his career on stage at a very young age. As he grew older he discovered and earned special set of skills that he demonstrates LIVE on stage.

Yuval's show paired with humor, pure entertainment and powerful and fascinating perspective on the human mind.

"Bending Reality" is more than just a great entertaining show, it is a live experience that will change your perspective of our reality. 

Prepare to be amazed.

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"We had the most fun,entertaining and insightful show with Yuval! His tricks made us scream with laughter and amazment and his sharp analysis left us stunned.

Thank you for making our party such a success!! Highly recommend 


mindy .F

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