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NLP Master Practitioner 

Coach . Guided Imagery Practitioner . Lecturer . Personal consultant .

Expert in leading people to get on their purpose path and help them become the best version of themselves by mastering the human systems that includes the mind' body and soul.


I have guided, coached and consulted tens of thousands of people from around the world including senior officers in the IDF, business owners, CEOs, startups, coaches and mentors to find their heart path, improve performance, overcome crisis points, solve problems and become the best version of themselves.

I also host self improvement events, workshops, lectures and mental coaching sessions to large and small businesses.

My clients include: Egged, CSB, Orian, Rambam Hospital and more.

I also served as the IDF's first soldier who's title is "military mind reader".

"He is a very special coach...

helped me a lot to make big decisions that I had been procrastinating...

I needed a guiding light like his. Thank you."

‏‎CEO of Billboard Venezuela‎‏ -

Leonardo Uzcátegui

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