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Yuval Teren

Master Communication Coach | Speaker | Leadership Development

In a world captivated by magic and mystery, Yuval Teren was raised in a family of magicians known as "The Teren Brothers." From the young age of five, Yuval was not just performing on stage; he was mastering the art of magic and falling deeply in love with it. His early experiences ignited a desire to delve deeper into the mysteries of the human mind.


As he grew older, Yuval expanded his interests beyond the traditional magician's hat. He explored psychology, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), guided imagery, hypnosis, and mysticism. These disciplines were not merely new tricks for his shows; they became powerful tools to understand and influence how people think and feel.


Yuval's skills became so refined that he earned the unique title of “IDF’s Mind Reader.” In this role, he worked with soldiers of all ranks, using his profound understanding of the mind to motivate, teach, and guide them. His ability to analyze people made him a sought-after speaker and consultant.


Yuval’s thirst for knowledge took him around the world, attending seminars to further his understanding of the mind, magic, and spirituality. His speeches are more than just talks; they are journeys into the subconscious, helping people navigate through their doubts and uncertainties to find their true selves.


Recognized on TV, radio, and in newspapers, Yuval's work has inspired many. Known as “The Mind Reader,” Yuval has honed a highly sensitive ability to analyze people, earning him this nickname among clients. His ability to connect with people at a deeper level has not only earned him respect but has also profoundly impacted those who hear him speak or work with him.


Yuval Teren’s life is a remarkable story of how a young boy’s fascination with magic evolved into a lifelong journey, exploring the depths of the human mind and spirit to empower lives through the art of subconscious communication. His work continues to inspire people to uncover and harness their own hidden strengths and become their best selves.

"Shake my hand and I will know all about you"

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