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"He is a very special coach...

helped me a lot to make big decisions that I had been procrastinating...

I needed a guiding light like his. Thank you."

‏‎CEO of Billboard Venezuela‎‏ -

Leonardo Uzcátegui

Yuval Teren – The Human Compass

NLP Master Practitioner

Coach . Spiritual Guide . Guided Imagery Practitioner . Lecturer . Personal consultant 


Yuval has guided, coached and consulted tens of thousands of people from around the world including senior officers in the IDF, business owners, CEOs, startups, coaches and mentors to find their heart path, improve performance, overcome crisis points, solve problems and become the best version of themselves.

His clients include big companies: Egged, CSB, Orian, Rambam Hospital and more.

He also served as the IDF's first soldier who's title is "military mind reader".




Who is the training suitable for and in which cases

recommended set an appointment?

-If you are not sure about your life path.

-If you are willing be free from:

-Anxiety / phobias

-Limiting beliefs

-Emotional difficulties

-Ineffective / problematic habits

If you are willing to develop internal resources in your life like:



-Creating human chemistry

-Share and receive love

-Decision Making

if you are willing to create and upgrade your life on issues like:

-Diet, nutrition and fitness



What is Mental Coaching?

First, mental coaching is designed to make people become the best version of themselves, upgrade their lives and allow them to live their life fulfilled.

*The mental coaching is based on NLP.

What does it mean to be the best version of ourselves?

Every time in life there are unexpected surprises. Some are pleasant and some less so.

Each of them influences our way of thinking, emotions, beliefs and our whole life composition differently.


The goal of the mental coaching is to enable new ways of acting and thinking that will serve the trainee and enable him to overcome, move and strengthen himself even in difficult times and to empower the excitement, love, joy, professionalism, confident, peace and give himself the life he deserves.

Who is it for?

Anyone who is looking for self-development and growth and wants to experience life with full of power and passion.

Where does the coaching take place?

There are two options for you to get coached and both will get you to the place you want.

The first one is coaching sessions that takes place in my private clinic.

The second one is to get coached by live video\phone.

What is NLP?

"The Study of Human Excellence.

(Neuro Linguistic Programming)

A method of creating short-term emotional / behavioral changes that becomes part of our everyday life through changing and creating new mind patterns, habits and automaticity.


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